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All tourism businesses — both emerging and established — need to keep up to date with the latest in tourism research.  Timely and reliable data can provide important insights into visitation trends, the profile and behaviour of your customers and the future direction of your business.

A good place to start is the Tourism Australia website.  Tourism Australia provides Australia’s tourism industry with consumer and market information, as well as industry and strategic insights. They work to identify new and high yielding markets and to analyse and communicate trends in global and domestic tourism.  On the Tourism Australia website you’ll find a range of great research information, from visitor insights to forecasts and factsheets.

Another useful research resource is the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism (RET), in conjunction with its Tourism Research Australia (TRA) branch.  They provide a twice yearly ‘Tourism Facts and Figures at a glance’ booklet, as well as ’Key Facts – Australian Tourism Sector’, which summarises the latest statistics for the industry.

The backbone of tourism research data in Australia is the National Visitor Survey (NVS) and the International Visitor Survey (IVS), two research tools which all tourism businesses should be familiar with.  These quarterly surveys are administered by TRA, and provide important information on the characteristics, travel patterns and expenditure of both domestic and international tourists.

For the latest NVS reports, visit The IVS reports can be found at:  Australian Capital Tourism also provides a useful localised analysis of both of these surveys.

In addition to the NVS and IVS, there are other research surveys of use to tourism businesses.  This includes the Australian Tourism Satellite Account, an annual study which measures the economic impact of tourism, the Survey of Tourist Accommodation (STA), a quarterly survey to measure the demand and supply of tourist accommodation, as well as information on overseas arrivals and departures.   These surveys are administered by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and can be found at:!OpenDocument

Confused about where to get the information you need?  The TRA provides a number of services — from a Statistical Enquiry Service to specialised online facilities — to ensure tourism businesses and industry partners get the tourism research information they need.

They also administer the National Tourism Research Audit Data Base, which allows users to search recent tourism research by title, description, keywords and more, with website links to reports where available.

And an important one for all business owners — the tourism forecast.  What does the future hold for the tourism industry in Australia?  The Tourism Forecasting Committee is an independent body which provides forecasts across the international, domestic and outbound tourism sectors, with the TRA publishing  Forecasts twice per year.

Another useful website for tourism research insights and analysis is Sustainable Tourism Online.  This free resource is updated regularly with new research, data and tools in the areas of Destinations and Communities; Business Operations; and Parks and Culture.


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